Galaxies and Cosmology

<>The research of the group is focused on extra-galactic astronomy, mainly from an observational viewpoint. Areas under study includes the formation and evolution of galaxies, clusters of galaxies, starburst galaxies, high redshift galaxies, supernova cosmology, host galaxies of supernovae and gamma ray bursts, and gravitational lensing. One of the major undertakings of the group right now is to conduct a Large Programme at ESO/VLT: a survey of high redshift supernovae from which we reconstruct the cosmic star formation rate history, as traced by core-collapse supernovae. The group heavily relies on observations with ESOs telescopes at Paranal and La Silla, the Nordic Optical Telescope on La Palma, and has also been using Hubble Space Telescope and other satellite missions extensively. The group is also involved in the Swedish part of MIRI - a mid-infrared camera and spectrograph under construction for the James Webb Space Telescope.

Claes Fransson
Magnus Näslund
Matthew Hayes
Jens Melinder
Jesper Sollerman
Laia Mencia Trinchant
Robert Cumming
Edvard Mörtsell
Torsten Elfhag
Peter Lundqvist
Göran Östlin
Claes-Ingvar Björnsson
Soroush Nasoudi Shoar
Tomas Dahlén (presently at Physics Dept., SU)


Last updated - 21/02/05