Maximilian Stritzinger

Postdoctoral Researcher
at the
Oskar Klein Centre
Department of Astronomy
Stockholm University
Stockholm, Sweden

Tel:       +46 08 5537 8553
Fax:      +46 08 5537 8510

Currently I am a scholar at the The Oskar Klein Centre and the Department of Astronomy at Stockholm University. I spend a fair fraction of my time working on the Carnegie Supernova Project. I also collaborate with Supernova researchers in Europe, USA, Chile, and Japan. My research is focussed chiefly on the study of Type Ia and Type Ib/c supernovae with the main motivation to gain a deeper understanding of their progenitor systems and explosion physics, as well as to sharpen the use of Type Ia supernova as distance indicators. I am also an affiliated scientist at the Dark Cosmology Centre in lovely København Danmark.

Current supernova of interest

Supernova 2006jd

Supernova 2009bb

Selected Recent (2009-2011) Publications

Optical and near-IR light curves of 50 Type Ia Supernovae from CSP (as pdf)
  • AJ paper on the Type Ia SN template light curve fitter SNooPy (as pdf)
  • ApJ paper on the peculiar Type Ic supernova 2009bb (as pdf)
  • AJ paper on the distance to Fornax A based on the observations of 4 Type Ia SNe (as pdf)
  • Nature paper on understanding velocity gradients in Type Ia SN (as pdf)
  • A&A paper on the normal Type Ia supernova 2003hv (as pdf)
  • ApJ paper on the Type Ib supernova 2007Y (as pdf)
  • Articles on astro-ph
  • Articles on ADS

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    Current ToO Programs

  • ToO at the NOT+Alfosc 2011B

  • Recent talks

  • Corsica, 7 November 2011, Dust in Space: Consequences and Origins, "Dust Formation in the Type IIn SNe 2005ip and 2006jd" (as pdf)
  • Stockholm, 11 August 2011, Explosive Ideas about Massive Stars -from obsercations to Modeling, "CSP Stripped Core-Collapse SNe" (as pdf)
  • University of Bonn, Argelander Institute, 16 February 2011, "Global Parameters of Type I Supernovae" (as opd)
  • Stockholm University, 21 Janurary 2011, "Observations of the low-luminosity 2008ha-like family of SNe" (as pdf)
  • Stockholm University, 14 Janurary 2011, "Carnegie Supernova Project: Detailed Observations of Supernovae" (as pdf)
  • Stockholm University, 16 December 2010, "Type Ia SN distances and the peculiar broad-line Type Ic SN 2009bb" (as pdf)
  • University of Iceland, 23 November 2010, "Carnegie Supernova Project: Detailed Observations of Supernovae" (as pdf)
  • First year of science with X-shooter, Como Italy, 21 October 2010, "Spectroscopic Sequences of Type I Supernova" (as pdf)

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