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  • Early Stellar Evolution: Teaching - PhD Course in English) : Star Formation

  • Darwin/TPF: Quest for Life on Exo-Planets :TPF/Darwin

    Darwin.ppt: : A Powerpoint Presentation: Darwin.ppt

  • GENIE: Nulling at the VLTI : GENIE

    Genie.ppt: : T Tauri and Debris Disks - A Powerpoint Presentation: Genie.ppt

  • ODIN: A Swedish-led International Satellite Project for Submillimeter Spectroscopy :ODIN

    Odin.ppt: : The First Year - A Powerpoint Presentation: Odin.ppt

  • Herschel: FarInfraRed Space Telescope (FIRST) and HIFI :Herschel

  • ISO: Infrared Space Observatory and Long Wavelength Spectrometer :ISO

  • HST: Hubble Space Telescope :HST

  • JWST: James Webb Space Telescope (NGST) :JWST

  • Observatories: Telescopes around the Globe :Observatories

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