Getting around

The main airport in Stockholm is Stockholm Arlanda airport. Certain airlines also traffic Bromma airport or Skavsta (mainly budget airlines as it's quite far from the city). If you do not arrive at Arlanda aiport, you will first need to go to Stockholm city and then follow the directions below. The conference venue is Hotell Kristina, in the small city of Sigtuna.

Getting to Hotell Kristina from Arlanda airport

Public bus 579 runs directly from Arlanda airport to Sigtuna bus station, a short walk from the conference venue. Please note that you need to buy a ticket before getting on the bus. This can be done at the airport Information centers. It is also possible to take a taxi - the drive is around 20 minutes.

If you want to take a taxi, please use either Sverigetaxi or Taxi Stockholm, and ask for a fixed price. It should be around 325 SEK, and definitely below 400 SEK.

Getting to Hotell Kristina from Stockholm city

We recommend going to Sigtuna by public transport, as it is quite easy and least expensive. The travel time is around one hour. Take the commuter train to Märsta, and change to bus towards Sigtuna (bus 570 or 575). For bus 575 get off at Sigtuna busstation, which is around 5 minutes walk from the venue. Bus 570 has a stop Harberget, right in front of the venue.

Getting from Arlanda airport to Stockholm city

There are several ways to get to the city centre from Arlanda airport. The cheapest is with the Airport Coaches, Flygbussarna. They leave every 10-15 mins all day, and will take you to the City Terminal in downtown Stockholm. You may then continue via public transport or taxi. A one-way ticket costs 99 SEK (if bought online), and the travel time from the airport to the City Terminal is approximately 40 minutes.

Another option is the airport train, Arlanda Express. This will take you to the Central station, where you can connect to public transport or take a taxi. The airport train is the fastest way to get into town, but is more expensive. A one-way ticket costs 260 SEK, and the travel time is approximately 20 minutes. If there is more than one person traveling there are usually promotional tickets available (family tickets, tickets for two people, etc.) so make sure to ask about these. The tickets are sold at the Airport information desk - buying tickets on the train carries a surcharge.

It is also possible to take a taxi directly at Arlanda airport. Be advised that the airport is located some distance from the city, making this the most expensive option. Should you choose to take a taxi, always ask for a fixed price, available from the major taxi companies (Sverigetaxi, Taxi Kurir, and Taxi Stockholm). The price is then around 450-500 SEK.

Public transport

Public transport in Stockholm works quite well, and is often the best and easiest way to get around. The ticket system is now completely electronic, and tickets cannot be purchased on buses. Before you start your journey you need to buy a smart card and charge it with a number of trips. This can be done at the airport, any SL Center or at the manual ticket booths when entering the subway. Each one-way trip then costs 31 SEK. It is also possible to put a pass for unlimited travel on the card. The passes are valid for 1 (125 SEK), 3 (250 SEK), or 7 (325 SEK) days. The public transport system encompasses both buses and underground, as well as commuter trains. More information on the system in general and different ticket options can be found here.