About Me


I am currently a Researcher at the Astronomy Department of Stockholm University.  My position is supported by the Swedish Science Council (VR) and Swedish Space Board (SNSB). You can find a detailed description of  my previous and current scientific achievements and skills in my cv.pdf

I obtained my PhD degree in Astronomy at the University of Stockholm in Feb 2011. My PhD thesis was on Star clusters in Blue Compact Galaxies: Evidence for a NIR flux excess and properties of the starburst”. The introduction chapters to my PhD thesis can be found here.

I currently study star formation in local galaxies with the goal of linking small scale physics to galactic scale properties. You can find more about my current scientific interests here

Below, I list some links to beautiful astronomical images of galaxies for which I have studied the star cluster populations.

The Hubble treasury program LEGUS

Frenzied Star Birth in Haro 11

At the heart of the galaxies (cover of my PhD Thesis)

The beauty of a galaxy merger (Eso 185-IG13, Adamo et al 2011)

The Ruby ring cluster complex in NGC2146 (part of the SHUCS project, Adamo et al 2012)


Latest Photos

  1. 1.Visiting Birka

  2. 2.Star track path to the VLT

  3. 3.VLT at sunset

  4. 4.Smithsonian National Air & Space museum

  5. 5.A miniature of the HST

  6. 6.Etna volcano seen from Taormina

  7. 7.Heidelberg in summer

About Me