Homepage of Jesper Sollerman.

I am professor at the Department of Astronomy at Stockholm University.

I am mainly into observational astronomy, including research on:

  • Supernovae (including supernova cosmology)
  • Supernova remnants
  • Pulsars
  • Gamma-Ray Bursts
  • Counterparts to Gravitational Waves

  • A list (from ADS) of my publications can be found here.  

    I am Deputy Head of Department at the Department of Astronomy.
    I also work part time at the unit for university pedagogics, leading courses on research supervision.

    I have a degree in journalism, and like writing about science. I have written some things for e.g., Forskning & Framsteg.
    I used to be chairman of the Swedish Astronomical Society.
    I am affiliated to the Oskar Klein Centre .
    In 2005-2010 I worked at the DARK Cosmology Center at NBI, Copenhagen. Before that, in 1997-2001, I worked at ESO in Garching. I was born on Gotland .
    Jesper Sollerman

    Department of Astronomy
    SE-106 91 Stockholm

    Phone : +46 - 8 5537 8554
    E-mail : jesper@astro.su.se